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The Route

I am going on my Red Honda XR650R enduro bike on a trip around Africa in a counter-clockwise direction starting in Morocco and finishing in Sudan. I’m beginning my trip in my hometown of Warsaw, Poland from which I will be riding in a south-western direction to Malaga, Spain where I will spend around 10  days climbing in El Chorro. I’ll be crossing from Europe to Africa on a ferry which departs from Tarifa, Spain and lands in Tangier, Morocco – the first African coutnry on my list. Then I am planning to explore the Atlas Mountains before I visit the capital of Morocco, Rabat to sort out the visas for Senegal and Mali. From Rabat I’ll be heading southward keeping rather close to the Atlantic due to presence of mines in Western Sahara and increased risk of kidnapping near the Sahara. I am not visiting the ex French colonies in the west section of Africa between Senegal and Ghana as I cannot speak French and additionally many of these countries are politically and socially unstable. Hence I’m going straight to Burkina Faso and then across Ghana to the Gulf of Guinea. From there I’ll be riding in the proximity of the South Atlantic Ocean until I reach Cape Town. I am planning to stay in RSA for a little while to carry out the necessary complete maintenance on the bike and enjoy some bouldering in the Rocklands. After having climbed in Rocklands I will be heading off to Pretoria to get some visas for the upward leg of the journey which will ultimately take me to Sudan. When I finally arive in Sudan I have a choice of going straight up to Egypt or crossing the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia. At the moment the plan is to get on the ferry from Port Sudan to Jeddah (Saudi) as the costs of crossing Egypt with your own vehicle are prohibitive to say the least whilst the costs of crossing Saudi Arabia and Iran may actually be very small due to cheap cost of petrol. Whatever the route, I am planning to come back to Warsaw, Poland at the end of August 2014 and get back to England in my van with all my belongings by mid September that year. You can read my reports from the journey in my blog.

Route of the trip

Planned route of the trip – September 2013

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